Remembering Janice Pearse

Janice Pearse

On Sunday, June 25th, our friend and colleague, Janice Pearse, passed away unexpectedly. Janice created the international adoption programs at Adoptions Together in 1992. Over the next 15 years, she helped to shape the ethical bounds and culture of international adoption in the United States. It was under her guidance that 1,522 children from Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Central America and Asia joined the loving families in the United States.

Janice’s desire to make an impact on children living in orphanages throughout the world never wavered. As the co-founder of Children in Common, an organization that provided financial and material support to orphanages in Russia and Eastern Europe, she was deeply committed to ensuring that children aging out of orphanages had the best possible opportunity to become successful adults. Children in Common successfully supported improvements to the physical, economic and educational infrastructure of orphanages, vocational training programs for youth, assisted with annual vaccine drives, sent clothing and food to children, and much more.

Janice and her husband David raised 3 incredible children together- one son by birth, and 2 daughters they adopted from Eastern Europe. She is survived by them, their grandson, and all of the thousands of families she helped bring together through adoption during her long tenure with us. We remember Janice for her intense commitment to our goal of finding permanency for every child, her profound sense of humor, and her enduring compassion and kindness, always.