Post Adoption Counseling Services

Adoptions Together recognizes how important it is to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships within the family.  Since 1993, we have been providing post adoption counseling and intensive family counseling services to individuals, couples, and families throughout the greater Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC areas.

We provide post adoption counseling that is centered on wellness and interpersonal relationships. Our staff has expertise in child development, family dynamics, attachment and trauma, as well as other adoption related issues.  Each of our counselors has a master’s-level education, ensuring that your family receives the most professional and specialized care available.

Post Adoption Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Adoptions Together provides family therapy and post adoption counseling for a variety of adoption related topics.  While our staff specializes in matters pertaining to post adoption counseling, we are also available to assist your family with other parenting concerns. Some of our post adoption counseling specialties include:
Adoption, foster care, and kinship care

  • Parenting or marital issues
  • Sibling challenges
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Maladaptive behavior
  • Attachment barriers and difficulties
  • Older child adjustment
  • Adolescence challenges
  • Infertility
  • Birthparent issues
  • Search and reunion


Parent Coaching and Post Adoption Counseling

Another post adoption counseling option available through Adoptions Together is access to parent coaching, where staff can provide you with a wealth of information, guidance, support, and advice in person or over the phone. Coaching can help parents cope with common stressors that can arise, including:

  • Learning how to set effective limits with your child
  • Discovering how to practice teamwork with your partner
  • Learning how to best manage parenting as a single parent
  • Understanding your child’s behavior (and the message he or she is sending)
  • Effectively managing stress

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Post Adoption Counseling through Support Groups

Group counseling can help us to share, inspire, communicate, and grow as a family. At Adoptions Together, we offer a variety of programs and groups that will help your family grow together as a supportive unit. Some of these program include:

  • Post-adoption support groups for parents
  • Therapeutic groups for children
  • Teen adoptee group
  • Educational seminars for adopting and adoptive parents
  • Super-parenting support group (intensive family counseling, education, and support for parents of special needs children)


Post Adoption Education

Along with the other forms of intensive family counseling and group counseling sessions, Adoptions Together offers a broad range of classes, online seminars, and on-demand educational sessions that provide tips and advice to reinforce your confidence in your ability to parent. We cover topics such as:

• How to talk to your children about adoption
• Accessing appropriate school services
• Transracial adoption

Please visit the Adoption Education section of our website for complete information on our post adoption educational programs.


Fee Structure for Adoption Counseling and Family Counseling

Service Provided    Fee
In-Office Child/Adolescent/or Adult Evaluation $250.00
In-Home Child/Adolescent/or Adult Evaluation $300.00
In-Office Individual or Family Therapy (55 min) $135.00
In-Home Individual or Family Therapy (55 min) $185.00
In-Office Individual or Family Therapy (90 min) $202.50
In-Home Individual or Family Therapy (90 min) $252.50
Case Management/Collaboration (60 min) $100.00
8-week Teen/Child Counseling Groups $725.00
Report Preparation $100.00


Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment is scheduled, clients are responsible for full payment of that session. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Cancellations without 24 hours advance notice will be billed accordingly.

For more information on how post adoption counseling can benefit your family, or if you need additional information on any of the counseling and coaching services offered by Adoptions Together, please contact Cynthia Cubbage, LCSW-C at 301-422-5115.