FamilyWorks Together

Adoptions Together’s Education, Training and Counseling services are now provided by FamilyWorks Together. FamilyWorks Together was founded in 2016 by Adoptions Together staff to serve families formed through adoption, guardianship and kinship, and to help those impacted by the child welfare system.

FamilyWorks Together unifies and streamlines our counseling services with our training and educational programming in a way that enables us to broaden our reach within the community. We will continue to serve families brought together through adoption, guardianship and kinship, and with the launch of FamilyWorks Together, we will be able to reach more families and children who are involved in the child welfare system or who are at risk for such involvement. While our mission and vision to build lifelong, permanent family connections for every child will not change, our impact on the lives of children and families will be stronger.

Since 1990, Adoptions Together has helped to grow families in many ways and have welcomed every child, every family, every step of the way. To stay true to this value, we are committed to expanding the reach of our services to include even more families whose lives have been impacted by factors that create risks to permanency such as mental health challenges, substance abuse disorders, teen parenting, and high conflict relationships. We recognize that creating strong family relationships, regardless of family structure, is the cornerstone of permanency.

Adoptions Together is a vital part of the work we do, and we will continue to provide quality adoption placement services to families in our region. As a leader in our field, we are excited to expand our brand with FamilyWorks Together to offer a broader base of support to families who need us.

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