Mosaic: The Art of Family


2016 Kids Conference | Mosaic: The Art of Family

Lowell School | 1640 Kalmia Road NW Washington, DC 20012
Saturday, April 9, 2016 | 9-3 pm, 3-4 pm Family Fun Time, check in starts at 8:30 am
*Free parking available

Join us as we explore the unique characteristics that each individual brings to their family mosaic. Featuring a panel of adult adoptees, a group of birth parents addressing various topics related to adoption, breakout sessions for kids, and a keynote address from Angela Tucker of the documentary “Closure”, our kids’ conference will examine how diverse characteristics such as race, culture, and community affect adoptive families throughout the lifespan. All members of adoptive families are welcome, as well as adults interested in learning more about adoption! Children’s programming is open to children in grades 1-12 and limited child care is available for potty trained children ages 3 – kindergarten. Family fun time at the end of the day that includes: moon bounce, Tae Kwon Do activities, art projects, face painting, free giveaways, games, vendors, and much more!

Kung_Fu_Panda_3_posterFor kids grades 1-5, the day includes hearing from Angela Tucker, adult adoptee and star of the documentary Closure. They will then split up into age-specific groups and engage in developmentally appropriate discussion, art projects, and games relating to identity, adoption, and family. Conversation will center around the movie Kung Fu Panda 3’s adoption theme. The larger than life lovable panda (Po) was adopted and raised by Mr. Ping, a goose. Movie clips will be shown to open the door to discussion and activities. Kids will make their own build-a-panda and fill it with art materials that represent their feelings and thoughts related to adoption. Each group will be co-led by an Adoptions Together employee and an adult adoptee. The day will conclude with the children being reunited with their families for a family-centered closing activity.

For teens grades 6-12, the day also begins with hearing from Angela Tucker. They will then split up into age-specific groups and engage in art projects and discussion on identity, adoption and family with their group leaders. In the afternoon, grades 6-12 will discuss these same themes with Angela using clips from her movie, Closure. The teens will have the unique opportunity to hear directly from Angela, and to process their own experiences with a group of children from adoptive families. Teens will also join their families for our family-centered closing activity.

For adults, the day includes a keynote speech from Angela Tucker on identity, race, and adoption. Parents will hear from a panel of adult adoptees and a group of birth parents addressing various topics related to adoption. Parents will also hear from therapists who specialize in working with adoptive families, and from Janice Goldwater, adoptive parent and Executive Director of Adoptions Together. Parents will also have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions and reflections.

Nutritious lunches and snacks will be provided to all attendees.

AngelaTuckerAngela Tucker: Angela Tucker is a nationally-recognized thought leader on transracial adoption and is an advocate for adoptee rights. In 2013, at the age of 26, Angela’s own story of adoption and search for her birth parents was featured in the groundbreaking documentary, CLOSURE, which is available on Netflix, iTunes & Kweli TV. Angela has traveled the nation as an advocate for open relationships within adoption, transparency for adoptee stories and education for adoptive parents about the impacts of transracial adoption particularly in regards to African-American children adopted by Caucasian parents. Angela earned a B.A. in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and is a program coordinator for Disability Support Services at her alma mater. To learn more about Angela and her newest project, The Adopted Life, visit her website at

$10 child care (Age 3 – Kindergarten – Limited Availability, must be potty trained)
$60 Adult or Child
Lunch included.



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