Planned Giving

Building Futures

As a person who cares about our work, you know that family is complex and personal. Every family’s story is unique: from the trials and tribulations they face, to the triumphs and successes they celebrate, to the very way they came to be, no two families share the same story. At the same time, having helped create over 7,500 families, to expand and strengthen and give them the tools they need to thrive, we’ve learned that three things are truly fundamental: love, connection, and commitment.

Philanthropy is the love of humanity. Your financial support of Adoptions Together’s Planned Giving, you will enable us to forge vital connections between individuals, resources, and communities while showing your commitment building healthy lifelong family connections for every child and advocacy for the continuous improvement of systems that promote the well-being of children.

You can guarantee that there is always somewhere for those in need to turn to in their most desperate hour for generations to come.

What is Building Futures?

We invite you to be a part of transforming families through Adoptions Together’s Building Futures Society. Building Futures is a legacy giving society providing future generations the opportunity to build a loving, stable and connected family.

Planned giving is the best way to leave a powerful and lasting legacy for generations to come while impacting the regions and causes most important to you. Legacy giving can take a number of forms, including recurring donations that begin while the donor is alive and continue after they’re deceased. Planned gifts can be made during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan.