A Long Time Coming: Adoptions Together’s Birth Parent Place

About a year ago the domestic adoption team at Adoptions Together started talking about creating a blog for several different reasons. This discussion was ongoing — and after some planning, and lots of adoption plans, we finally found some time to make the site a reality. We hope this blog will:

  • Provide a safe place for birth parents to talk honestly about the ins and outs of making an adoption plan.
  • Provide information and support for women and men who are thinking about adoption as an option for their family.
  • Provide support for birth parents from Adoptions Together who cannot meet in supportive groups due to financial, transportation or other challenges.
  • Provide links to resources that may be helpful to all members of the adoption experience.
  • To challenge stereotypes about adoption created by television and movies.

We will use several authors, mainly adoption counselors at Adoptions Together, to create posts that generate discussions. Hopefully we will also have posts by birth parents and perhaps adoptive families who want to share their experiences. We welcome and encourage comments on all posts, but reserve the rights to take down any comments that are disrespectful.