Can I Give a Baby Up for Adoption if I’m Not a US Citizen?

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Can I Give a Baby Up for Adoption if I’m Not a US Citizen?

When a woman considers giving a child up for adoption, there are a lot of questions that might go through her mind. How does adoption work? How can I begin the adoption process? Who should I talk to about adoption for my baby?  And sometimes, women we work with have specific questions about their backgrounds and how that might impact giving up a child for adoption.  Specifically, can you give a baby up for adoption if you’re not a US citizen?

Yes! Each year, we work with women who come from all over the world. Many women who choose to place a baby for adoption are not US citizens.  Adoption is an option if you are not a US citizen. Here are some questions you might have if you’re considering adoption and you’re not a US citizen:

Will my pregnancy counselor ask me questions about my immigration status during the adoption planning process?

Your pregnancy counselor will not ask you any direct questions about your immigration status at any time during the adoption planning process.  If you decide to place your baby for adoption, she may request to see copies of your identification card or medical insurance card, but the adoption process can move forward if you don’t have an identification card or health insurance card.  Sometimes, a woman chooses to reveal her immigration status to her pregnancy counselor. Remember this: we consider a woman’s immigration status part of her confidential record. We will not report her immigration status to ICE or any other legal authority.

Will my pregnancy counselor discuss my immigration status with the hospital when I have my baby?

Your pregnancy counselor will not volunteer any information about your immigration status to the hospital.  Some hospital social workers who contact us to help women make adoption plans may inform us that they believe a woman is here without legal status, but this is not important in the adoption planning process. Additionally, hospitals and healthcare facilities do not report information to ICE.  Keep in mind that just like us, the hospital may ask for a form of identification and insurance.  This is for billing purposes, not to report to authorities.

If I am in the United States as an undocumented immigrant, is it still possible for me to have an open adoption?

Yes! If you are an undocumented immigrant, nothing prevents you from having the same type of open adoption as US citizens or documented immigrants.  We have worked with many undocumented birthparents who are able to continue maintaining open relationships with their children.  Your legal status does not impact your access to an open adoption plan.

Remember that giving a baby up for adoption is a challenging process. Working with an agency that provides you with support along the way helps to ensure you are protected legally, emotionally and in the future. Adoptions Together is here to support you in making an adoption plan, regardless of your legal status.

If you are considering giving a baby up for adoption and would like to speak with a counselor, contact us today.

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