Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Read This Right Now!

The craziness of the holiday season can make us feel like we just don’t have the time to really stop and plan to do the things we should to take care of ourselves. It’s easy enough to say we’ll treat ourselves to something nice while we’re doing our holiday shopping, but how likely are we to really do that when we’re fighting for parking at the mall on Christmas Eve?

In a perfect world, we’d always slow down and take all the time we needed to care for ourselves. We’d sleep when we were tired and stay in bed when we felt sick. We’d read this blog post on surviving the holidays and follow every piece of advice in it.

But life is chaotic and we can’t always do that, so sometimes we have to find ways to take care of ourselves that don’t involve too much planning.

Below is a list of self-care “quick fixes” that each take five minutes or less. They won’t slow you down or keep you from getting to everything on your to-do list. So if you find yourself getting overwhelmed this month, stop what you’re doing, pick one of these activities, and take a quick self-care break. Your sanity will thank you.

  • Call a friend to wish them a happy holiday
  • Treat yourself to a favorite snack
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood
  • Dance to your favorite song
  • Stand up and stretch
  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Write a list of things for which you’re grateful
  • Schedule a self-care appointment (whether that means an appointment for therapy – or for a pedicure!)
  • Light a scented candle
  • Eat something green (did you know green foods boost your mood?)
  • Write a journal entry
  • Look at a few of your favorite photos

Which of these activities will you do to help you stay relaxed this holiday season? 

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