It’s still a little early for New Year’s resolutions, but the Adoptions Together team is already thinking about how we can improve next year.

As you probably know, Adoptions Together believes strongly in supporting birth parents before, during, and after placement. You may recently have worked with Jessica Taylor, our birth parent counselor, and Beth Stahl, our post-placement case specialist. (If you haven’t, feel free to reach out! They’re at 301-422-5116 or, and 301-422-5104 or We also have a counseling center in Washington, DC, and work with a number of birth parents who provide peer support to prospective, or new, birth moms.

We are proud to provide these services and thrilled that so many of our birth parents stay in touch with us after they place, but we want to do an even better job of offering the kind of support that you need!

If you placed your baby through Adoptions Together, will you take our birth parent survey to help us learn how best to support you after placement?

Take the Birth Parent Survey

We’re excited to hear (well, see) your thoughts!

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