How Writing Helped ANOTHER Birth Mom to Heal


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Yes, we talk a lot (a lot) about writing as healing, but we swear we did not pay Elsa to post on BirthMom Buds about how writing helped her find “a path out” of her depression after placement.

In our original post on this topic, we described writing is a way of moving energy, which sounds kind of silly — but we swear that it’s true! As Elsa explains in her post, “When I wrote, I finally released everything in my chest that I had stored up there.” We can’t move past pain until we give it somewhere to go — like onto a blank page. When Elsa did this, she was able to begin to recover from her depression.

What we love most of all about Elsa’s post is the quote she shares from Ernest Hemingway: “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” It might sound scary to confront your pain by writing it down, but it could be your first step to letting go.

Don’t take our word for it — head over to BirthMom Buds and read Elsa’s post for yourself! If you’d also like to take a look at our previous posts about writing, you can check them out herehere, and here.


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