Totes of Hope

The AdoptionWorks team is well aware of the unfortunate reality that children in the foster care system are frequently moved to different foster homes and group homes during their time in foster care.  Often times these moves have nothing to do with them, and they find themselves being abruptly uprooted from living situations, foster parents, foster siblings and schools that they were just beginning to get accustomed to.  When they are moved, it is often with no notice, and with their belongings quickly packed in trash bags.  One can only imagine the shock, fear and confusion that a child must experience when they are moved in this way, only to be made worse by the complete lack of dignity of having their few possessions shoved into trash bags.  

Kerry Pachino decided to do something to make sure that as many foster children as possible can at least have the opportunity to pack up their possessions in suitcases, backpacks and tote bags instead of trash bags.  She has recently created a donation program which is called Totes of Hope, where people can donate new or gently used backpacks, suitcases and totes to children in foster care so that each child has a proper travel bag in which to store and transport their personal belongings.  Kerry will ether pick up any donations herself, and she will also have scheduled drop-off locations throughout the year where she will arrange for pick-ups of people’s donated travel bags.

We are very proud of Kerry for seeing this need first hand, and creating this opportunity for people to donate suitcases, backpacks and totes for such a worthy cause.  Kerry has already put a lot of time into this, and she has collected 150 bags in less than two months since she began this project.  She has hopes of this growing quickly through social media, and believes that Totes of Hope will be able to provide travel bags for many youth in foster care. 

If you have a travel bag(s) that you wish to donate, you can contact Kerry at

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