Healing through Writing

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Writing is a way of moving energy.

As you write, your emotions move through you and out onto the page. The emotions aren’t gone – but their pressure, their weight, has been transferred.

The beautiful thing about writing is that it is totally about you. You can share your story if you want to, or it can be yours and yours alone. You can even write to yourself. For example, some birth mothers write a letter to themselves while they are pregnant, explaining how they feel and why they are choosing adoption, so that they can go back and reread that letter later on when they are grieving or feeling especially emotional. Shannon at BirthMom Buds wrote a letter to herself before she went into labor, and later wrote a letter directly to her son. She has reread both many times. “I can tell you,” she says, “that if I didn’t find peace through these words I could have lost the war to pain.”

Jenna, one of Adoptions Together’s birth moms, also wrote letters to her daughter. In a previous post, Jenna explained that writing in a journal was the best piece of advice she could give to other birth parents. After she placed her daughter, she wrote her letters every day in a journal she’d bought: “I explained to her why I chose adoption, and even wrote to her in the times when I yearned for her the most.”

The longer you sit alone with your feelings, the more painful they can become, because they don’t have anywhere to go. Writing them down is a way to keep them from festering; it moves that negative energy out and onto the page. You might be surprised by how much lighter you feel after the first time you sit down and really write from deep inside yourself.

Has writing or journaling been a part of your healing process? In what other ways do you take care of yourself when you’re feeling down? Share with us in the comments section below.

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