Hopefully you had the chance to see Birth Mother Baskets’ wonderful video kicking off last month’s #placed campaign; if not, click the link above to watch it! We enjoyed reading people’s responses on Twitter and Facebook throughout the month (go to Birthmothers 4 Adoption to see some great ones that people posted).

The terms “gave up,” “gave away,” and “put up,” are used too frequently and they misrepresent what birth mothers do when they thoughtfully and carefully #place their babies for adoption. Making an adoption plan is a difficult choice made out of tremendous love; the notion that it happens because a parent does not want their child would be laughable if it weren’t so hurtful. As birth mother Lindsey Mathis explained on the Birth Mom Baskets site, “We gave LOVE, gave LIFE, but we NEVER gave up!”

What do you do when people use phrases like “gave up” to describe adoption? Do you respond, or do you let it slide?

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