South African Children In Need of Families

Irene Jordan, International Adoption Program Director

Adoptions Together is currently seeking adoptive families for orphaned children in South Africa.  An estimated 3.7 million orphans in South Africa are in need of families. The children most in need of families have been diagnosed with HIV.  While once considered a dire diagnosis, due to recent medical advances, children with HIV can now live full and healthy lives with proper medical treatment and care,

South Africa has a long history of poverty, inequality and hardship. The first cases of HIV/AIDS were diagnosed in South Africa in 1983, and South Africa continues to have more people with HIV/AIDS than any other country in the world.  Children infected with HIV most often contract the disease through mother to child transmission. The majority of children have received excellent medical care in South Africa through South Africa’s Johannesburg Child Welfare (JCW), and with continued proper treatment, can have a nearly normal life expectancy. 

This program is available to couples married at least 3 years, and to single women. Prospective parents must submit a dossier to South Africa prior to their 48th birthdays. South Africa is particularly seeking black families for the children, although families of any race may be considered. 

For the South Africa program, our agency is partnering with Spence-Chapin, an accredited non-profit adoption service provider in New York City. Adoptions Together has worked successfully in partnership with Spence-Chapin to find families for children from several other countries.  Our agency serves as the local agency for families who reside in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Colombia.  Adoptions Together provides the home study, training, support through the process and post adoption services to the families, while Spence-Chapin works directly with the overseas officials, and assists families through the placement process.

Families interested in considering the adoption of a child from South Africa, please call 301-439-2900 and ask to speak to a member of the International Adoption Team for more information.





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