Open Letter to the Community

Open Letter to the Community

Adoptions Together has spent the last 23 years working  to bring families together with children who are unable to be raised in their first families. Our work has effectively served over 3000 children to date, and we know that isn’t enough. With over 15,000 children in our region spending their lives in foster care, the need to do much more is immediate.  With your support, we can change the future. We are setting a stretch goal: By 2020, we will double the impact we have had in the community, and we need your help to do it.

During 2013 and 2014, Adoptions Together will work hard to prepare for our first ever financial campaign to push for this change. We are working with the Maryland Nonprofit Association through the help of dedicated funders to look at every program, every relationship, every system and to deepen and strengthen each and every one. Our Board of Directors and staff are receiving comprehensive training, our technology is being built to be stronger and more reliable, and each program is planning the ways they can push their outcomes to maximize our reach. We are replicating successful programs from DC into Baltimore City-an area that has the largest number of children in foster care in the region, and reaching out to more hospitals, clinics and departments of social services to serve more children and families.

At the end of our planning and preparation phase, we will be ready and willing to reach our goals more than ever before.

Over the next year, you will see a campaign page outlining the ways you can join in this mission to ensure every child has a loving connection to call their own.

In the meantime, please send us your comments, your suggestions, your well wishes and your partnership.

We look forward to updating you, our community, as this journey unfolds. Thank you for your commitment to joining us in our drive to make change.


The Adoptions Together team

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