One woman's adoption story.

Hey everybody,

This video is really thought provoking, touching and provocative. She challenges a lot of stereotypes about birth parents. She talks about choosing what was best for her son and that the adoptive family's home was the best place for her son. What do you think about that? I sometimes pause at the "good, better, best" comparison because everyone's opinion of what's best is different. The positive stereotypes of what we think about with adoption should also be challenged. Two parents with a big house and a dog doesn't always mean best.

She also pointed out the fallacy that birth parents don't want their babies and how she did not feel that way. Lots of birth parents wish their circumstances were different and maybe would choose to parents if many things (age, housing status, financial stability, etc.) were different.

Let us know if you had a similar interaction with someone interested in your adoption story.

You may not be in the same place in life as this mom, able to publicly share your story, on youtube, with family, or to anyone yet…but this is a safe space for you to do so anytime.

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