Is it Adoption Stuff of Something Else?

During the home study and adoption process, parents embark on an exciting journey as they become familiar with the adoption issues that their children will be dealing with.  For many parents, these adoption issues will naturally fade into the background as they navigate being a first time parent or including another child in their family.  After a while, It may feel like the child has always been part of the family and the parent has to consciously remind themselves that the child is adopted.

As children grow up and navigate through many different stages and developmental tasks, all adoptive parents periodically wonder if the issues that are affecting their children are adoption issues or “something else”.  It is reassuring for parents to understand what is typical or expected at different ages/stages and what may be an adoption issue. Generally, adoption issues are problems or concerns that preoccupy or cause distress for an adopted child that is related to adoption.  All children experience challenges from time to time.  Being adopted adds another layer that adoptive parents need to be mindful of and attentive to because adoption issues may intensify or magnify a child’s typical developmental tasks. (Read More)

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