China Special Needs: Meeting the Needs of Waiting Children and of Waiting Parents

Over the past few years, China has developed procedures to encourage the adoption of children who have been identified as having special needs. These children, also often referred to as “waiting children”, are being placed with families from the U.S. and other foreign countries in record numbers.  This has been a very exciting and positive development for the children, as well as for the families.

How did this come about?

China developed a “one child policy” years ago due to overpopulation pressures.  This resulted in the abandonment of many children, especially baby girls and children with medical issues. For years China’s government-run adoption system placed abandoned healthy baby girls with adoptive families. However the children with medical needs typically entered the orphanage system indefinitely. In time it became clear that these children’s needs would be better met by families. China instituted an efficient and smooth process for information about these children to be available to accredited agencies, so that the agencies can seek appropriate families who are able to meet the children’s needs. (Read More)

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