Enuresis (Bed Wetting) and Encopresis (Soiling) in School Aged Children

It is not uncommon for children who have been placed for adoption at an older age, having experienced significant trauma in their young lives, to suffer from Encopresis or Enuresis, or sometimes both.  Encopresis is the consistent soiling of feces in the clothing.  Sometimes children who have been deeply traumatized may also “play with” the feces, smearing it on themselves, the wall, or someplace else in their environment.  Enuresis  is wetting that may occur both at night and/or during the daytime.  Sometimes children who have this issue will hide their wet underwear and clothing, due to their feelings of shame.  Some children simply wet the bed or themselves, while others may void in inappropriate places, when a toilet is readily available.

What Causes This?  (Read More)

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