8 Things To Do on Birthmother’s Day

Started in 1990 by a group of Seattle, WA birth mothers,  Birth Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 5, 2012) here is a list of things you can do to celebrate the day…



  1. Write a journal entry or blog entry honoring your story.   (Image Credit.)

Phone call

2.  Plan a phone call or a meeting with your child and adoptive family if you have an open relationship. (Image Credit)




3. Treat yourself to a relaxing day with a girlfriend or a source of support.  (Image Credit.)


Support group

4.  Seek support through a group or a counseling session.  (Image)


Flower pot

5. Buy yourself flowers or plant something in honor of your child.  (Image.)


6.  Talk with your or a local adoption agency about speaking opportunities or

possibly supporting other birth mothers or expecting mothers.



7.  Attend an event to celebrate Birthmother’s Day: 

Birthmother’s Day Brunch in Falls Church, VA (Birthmom Buds)

Birthmother’s Day Retreat in Charlotte, NC.


8. Check out articles and sites on Birthmother's day:

Adoptees and Adoptive Families Celebrating





Have you done anything to honor Birthmother’s Day in the past?


What do you plan on doing this year?

      3 Responses to “8 Things To Do on Birthmother’s Day”

      1. We have a lot planned for everyone. The mission gives out updates /gifts/surprise online chats all throughout the mothers day weekend. my fav is the cards I made. I
        Made them because my ap,s don’t send me anything and I at least want other parents to know how much there is to say and that we would want to hear from them. I made videos about this years booms day on my YouTube also.
        Great blog! I love nice adoptive parents…

        NOT INVISIBLE WOMEN. I LOVE YOU ALL! Celebrate Mothers day or Birth mother’s day or BOTH! who cares about a name!mom created Unique adoption Gifts: http://zazzle.com/birthmoms* http://birthmomshop.com (down currently) & email info@birthmommissions.com
        http://www.facebook.com/ adoptionsupport
        Changing the face of adoption, Cherishing life, & Supporting women… one birth mom at a time!!
        Birth mom, first mom, or any mom u like to be called! This page is for YOU to share, give & get support. BE yourself! Also for anyone who supports Birth Moms & cares.
        We stress the birth mother aspect to our mission, because we feel it is what makes us a unique organization and allows us to truly “tell it like it is” to women just like ourselves. Unfortunately we missed out on a birth mom mentor but we saw the need for this. We can think of no greater satisfaction than to help women in the future that experience an unexpected or crisis pregnancy and choose life.
        But no birth mom fits a cookie cutter image, and the mission is a chance for all of us to get together share stories and

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