Easing the Transition Back to School

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over and our kids will soon be returning to school.  In my household, the anticipation of starting a new school year is usually met with a mixture of excitement, anxiety and fear of the unknown.  The days of sleeping in, staying up later, and relaxing at the pool will soon be replaced with alarm clocks, bedtimes, and after-school activities and homework.  Letting go of the carefree days of summer and transitioning back into schedule driven school mode can be challenging for children and parents.  Even children who genuinely enjoy school tend to feel anxious about things as simple as what to wear and finding their classroom on the first day, to more complex issues like being popular and making good grades.  

Here are some things parents can do to make the remaining days of summer more enjoyable, and the return to school a little less stressful.

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