Birthmother Resources

Goodmorning fellow bloggers! The following blog willgive you some information regarding birthmothers and important resources available to them.

From the day you find out of your pregnancy to the day you decide to make an adoption plan to the period following the placement, your life can seem like a blur. Just finding out you're pregnant can be a total crisis alone and many are stricken with fear and doubt. It is important to remember, you are not alone in this. Even mothers who plan to have a baby, may feel overwhelmed with the news. Below you will find some links to resources that may be helpful to you as you go through the process. provides several blogs of women who are at all different stages of the process. You can read their stories and scroll through their experiences. This website provides a lot of different information for women in your shoes!


Birth mom buds is an organization that supports mom's who are expecting and are considering adoption. Here you can find peer counseling, support, and friendship!


This website is another one that provides a wide range of supportive resources for women.


This website also provies a lot of information including support groups, chat rooms, and supportive services.

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