Beyond Courageous…

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I met with a birth mom yesterday. I believe her story is the perfect example of the strength and courage it takes to be a birth mom! This woman we'll call her J recently put her infant son up for adoption. Prior to making this adoption plan she escaped from a war torn country in the middle of the night leaving behind the love of her life, as well as all her family and precious belongings. When she got to this country she found out she was preganant and had her son a few months after arriving in the U.S. After giving birth she found out her son had chromosome 8 deletion syndrome which is basically medical jargain for a disease that creates many medical complications and birth defects. After finding this out she reluctantly placed her baby for adoption in the hopes that there would be a loving family out there that could provide for the many medical needs her son will likely face. After meeting with this woman I learned that she not only graduated from college and spoke 5 languages fluently but I also witnessed her strong sense of perserverence and eternally optomistic attitude. It got me to thinking how negatively birth mom's are often portrayed in our society. With the help of this blog and many of you readers out there I hope to slowly begin to change that view.

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