The First Visit!

Talisa has posted on the blog before about her adoption journey, and she recently had her first visit with her daughter and her daughter's adoptive family, which she recounts for all of us.  Her mom also met her adoptive family for the first time.  This was a big day!

Hello everyone.  It been a while since I wrote something for the blog. I was away for three weeks in Hawaii, and then I came back to experience my first visit with my daughter.
I never thought that I would be so calm, but at the same time, so nervous for the visit. I thought I was going to cry during the visit, but I was surprised that I kept the tears back.  Before I had left on my trip, I received a DVD movie of my daughter, and it was a amazing and emotional for me to see her.  When I had watched the DVD, I cried knowing that I'm not there everyday and just seeing her trying to crawl and talking away.  My feelings were everywhere, and I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe how big she was and how she was moving around.  Still, I was happy to see her and knew that I did the right thing.  My parents and fiance's family have been one hundred percent behind me with my decision, and I'm happy to have that support. 
The day of the visit was Saturday, June 20, 2009, and it was a rainy day so we couldn't go to the park like we planned, but we had another alternative.  My social worker, my mom and I arrived at the restaurant to meet my daughter and her adoptive family.  When they arrived, I was so happy. They met my mom for the first time and all got along so well.  I loved seeing my mom with Juliana – it was so nice and she loves her much.  At times when I was holding her I wanted to cry, but I held it strong. It was nice to see them and let them know how everything is going me and hear how everything was going with them. I loved telling them about the trip to Hawaii, about the adoption organization that I'm part of and how school is going with me. After talking about Hawaii for a little, I had some gifts that I wanted to get out. We did the gift exchanges it was fun because I got to explain what everyone gifts were.
After the bunch, we went over to a book store and watched how Juliana is standing and crawling around on her own. It was amazing to see how independent she is become. She is a very adventurous little baby - reminds me of me when I was little.  I shared pictures of my fiancee and our puppies – it was really nice to share these things and to feel so comfortable with each other. I loved how my mom was able to talk with Juliana's family. 
At the end of the visit, we said our good bye and how we will continue sending the pictures and the updates.  My mom was surprised because she thought that Juliana's family are the most wonderful people that she ever met, and I was happy that she felt that way. When my social worker asked her about whether she expected the visit to turn out the way it did, she said that meeting Juliana's family for the first time, she just was amazed by how much they care about me. My mom has always been thankful for them becoming a part of my life, but then she knew how truly blessed I was to have chosen then for the adoptive parents.  She thinks highly of them and thinks of them everyday as much as I do. We're happy for the next visit, and they will be meeting my dad and fiancee I'm happy for that.
The first visit has really shown how much I've progressed and grown into a mature and strong young lady. I know that everything that is happening to me right now is because I'm a good and kind person, and I have the willpower that has helped me build a strong and loving relationship with Juliana's family.

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