On TV – 16 and pregnant

I love reality TV so I probably would've been watching the MTV show 16 and pregnant whether it was a topic that interested me or not. This hour-long show focused on a different teenager each week dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.  It seems like the recipe for a potential trainwreck, but actually, as I watched the season, it depicted an unexpected pregnancy in a fairly accurate light.  It made it look really hard.  And tiring.  And stressful for relationships.  And financially overwhelming. 

The season finale featured a couple who opted for adoption, and it was amazingly heart-wrenching.  Their ambivalence was obvious, and they courageously displayed pure emotion on TV (so much so that part of me was wondering whether adoption was a good plan).  But this couple was incredibly centered in making their decision.  They were facing families who disagreed with them, and they stood firm that they were not able to provide their daughter the life they wanted for her.  I watched the reunion last night, and they still feel strongly that adoption was a good choice for them, but the tears are still fresh in their eyes.  And, of course, they think of their daughter everyday.  They are lucky to have each other and also to have such depth at such a young age.  You can see interviews with this couple here:  


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