Birthmother’s Day

Hi there – I'm Laura. I'm a new Adoption Counselor at Adoptions Together. I'll be taking Jen's–the previous blogger's–place. I'm excited to continue this blog. It looks like there've been some pretty neat blog postings, some uplifting thoughts, and some heartbreaking stories. I'd love to read more of your thoughts (on blog, or non-blog related, topics). And, what I want to write about today is…

Did you know that there is a Birthmother's Day?

A group of birthmothers created it in Seattle in 1990. The point of Birthmother’s day? To recognize, celebrate, and honor birthmothers, and the difficult but often sacrificial choices they made.

Birthmother's day is celebrated every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day — to alleviate some of the common feelings of pain surrounding Mother's Day. So what do you think of this day? I realize it's a little late to post this (since the day has passed), but how would you celebrate this day next year?

Want to read about the founders of Birthmother’s Day? Read their story here:

3 Responses to “Birthmother’s Day”

  1. Lakeisha

    I don’t know how I feel about it to tell you the truth. On one hand, its cool that we have our own day, but on the other hand, why cant we be celebrated on Mother’s Day? It feels like being outcast because we do not have the ability to see our children every day, or raise them. I guess I just feel conflicted because I am still fresh on the heels of finalizing my daughter’s adoption and trying to sift through the feelings that I have

  2. Alicia

    It’s insulting to me and most natural mothers out there. The term “birthmother” was created by the adoption industry in the 1950s to make adoptive parents feel more comfortable. I am a natural mother, not a “birthmom”. I hate that word and I am not alone. To have a nationally recognized day separate from Mother’s Day is one more slap in the face to separate these strong, intelligent, grief-stricken mothers from “real” or a/moms. Mother’s Day is still painful and always will be for natural mothers. Having a day right before it does nothing to alleviate the loss of our babies and the life-long suffering we endure.

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