A Long Time Coming: Adoptions Together’s Birth Parent Place

About a year ago the domestic adoption team at Adoptions Together started talking about creating a blog for several different reasons. This discussion was ongoing — and after some planning, and lots of adoption plans, we finally found some time to make the site a reality. We hope this blog will:

  • Provide a safe place for birth parents to talk honestly about the ins and outs of making an adoption plan.
  • Provide information and support for women and men who are thinking about adoption as an option for their family.
  • Provide support for birth parents from Adoptions Together who cannot meet in supportive groups due to financial, transportation or other challenges.
  • Provide links to resources that may be helpful to all members of the adoption experience.
  • To challenge stereotypes about adoption created by television and movies.

We will use several authors, mainly adoption counselors at Adoptions Together, to create posts that generate discussions. Hopefully we will also have posts by birth parents and perhaps adoptive families who want to share their experiences. We welcome and encourage comments on all posts, but reserve the rights to take down any comments that are disrespectful.

4 Responses to “A Long Time Coming: Adoptions Together’s Birth Parent Place”

  1. Let me get this straight.
    Someone who isn’t a birth parent is writing a blog on the birth parent experience.
    Just another agency, pushing their own agenda, as made blatantly evident by your wording on your second post which refers to those making an adoption plan as birth parents. Wrong. They’re not birth parents until that TPR is signed. Until that point, they are, first and foremost, parents making a parenting decision for their child.

  2. To clarify, this is a forum created as a space for birthparents and we hope to have posts by birthparents in the future. I am clear about my role and talk of my experiences when working with birthparents. My post reflected my views about adoption, parenting and attitudes. It is written as a conversation starter. This blog was created as an open forum for our clients and anyone else who may need or wish to lend support to the process. Our agenda is to provide information that is broader than just an agency view. Thanks for your comment.

  3. sheronsterling

    Hello I wanted to share the expeirence about adoption. I have a 13 year old daughter that was given up for adoption and it hurts everyday. People say get over it but how the heck can you get over something so dear to your heart. I was raised in foster care and my father sexually moolested me at age 18 years, how yeah it can happen. I thought I would go crazy when my foster mom sugggested adoption, but it changed my world there is not a day that goes by and I wonder how in the world is my daughter doing is she being raised in a good home unfortanetly, I did not have the privellegde of choosing a home they took her from me after just a week out of the hospital then I spent two weeks in a phyciatric ward trying to figure out what happened. But I have had to live with the ridicule of my family one for turning the cheek when I told them my daughter belonged to my father whom past away Christmas Eve Last year in 2007 but I had to stay by his bedside to tell him the hurt he put me through does anybody know what that feels like yeah right, I do have a son that is now 7 years of age and I feel like I am terrific mom to him I await the day to see my baby girl and I hope she receives me too. The adoption agency gave me this address to write out how I feel and to hope someone out there could give me some inspiration or to share there story if they have there child home now my little girl will be of age soon and I would like to bond a mother daughter relationship with her hoping she wants one with me does anybody undersand? These years have not been peaches and cream it took years before god blessed me with another baby, sometimes i think he punished me from having children but kow i realize he just wanted my mind back in the right place i wasn’t on drugs nor did I drink I just needed to let the devil out of my heart and let god do his magic but the pain will always be there i miss her so much the only thing i have to hold on to is my memories and they are not the greatest. Well the agency is sending me an update hopefully i will write back and let you know how it goes pray though i always know god does hear us and when the time is right Bam watch the miracles happen i know he hears me i want my little girl back.

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