Adoption Home Study Virginia

Adoption Home Study – Virginia

What is a Home Study?

A home study in Virginia is that first, vital step in the adoption process that prospective parents must take when they begin their journey into domestic, international*, or private adoption. For any prospective adoptive parent, the home study is legally required in Virginia.

The home study is performed by a trained social worker who will guide you through the interview process.  During these interviews, with at least one session taking place in your home, the social worker will complete an assessment of you and your family.  This assessment will address your home environment, interpersonal relationships, medical history and current health status, financial data, and other relevant topics.

The home study is designed to be a collaborative and educational process between you and your social worker. The information discussed during your home study in Virginia will assist you in defining your expectations about parenting through adoption. Through the home study you will be able to determine if adoption is the right choice for you while receiving the information you need to help you find a match through our agency, on your own, or through another agency.

Do I Have To Use Your Placement Services?

While we are committed to working with prospective adoptive parents to help them have a child placed in their home, we offer our adoption home study services to any individual or married couple** in Virginia interested in adoption, even if they plan to privately adopt or work with another agency.

Adoptive parents in Virginia adopting privately or through another agency may still wish to benefit from our Home Study Plus services, which include:

  • Post Placement Reports
  • Interstate Compact Assistance
  • Adoption Consultation
  • Birthparent Counseling and Support
  • Assistance to Adopters from other States
  • Tracking Home Study and Clearance Update Requirements
  • Managing Annual Updates and More for Birth Parents
  • Co-Parent/Second Parent Adoption
  • Virginia Parental Placements
  • Dossier Assistance for International Adopters
  • Interim Care for Infants during the Legal At-Risk Period

Why Choose Adoptions Together?

Adoptions Together has been performing home studies in Virginia since 1990. Our professional staff has helped thousands of families begin their journey in adoption, choosing us with confidence because:

  • 95% of our home study clients rank our document instructions as outstanding or good.
  • 90% of our home study clients rank our phone and email communications as outstanding or good.
  • We have been performing high-quality adoption home studies for 20 years.
  • Our staff and home study social workers are competent, knowledgeable, and respectful. They also are experienced in working with lawyers, other adoption agencies, and government officials.
  • We track your home study and clearance requirements to ensure they do not expire.
  • You can obtain all required pre/post placement training through our agency if desired.
  • We are Hague accredited.
  • Your involvement with our agency can extend well beyond the home study…we offer ongoing education and support as your family’s needs evolve.

If you are considering adoption then we encourage you to begin the adoption home study process in Virginia as soon as possible.  The adoption home study is a vital step because you must have an approved home study before you can move forward with the adoption process.

For more information on starting an adoption home study in Virginia,
please contact us today at 703-689-0404.

**Please note that the law prohibits unmarried couples from adopting in Virginia. As a result, Adoptions Together is not permitted to perform home studies for unmarried couples.