About Home Studies

What is a Home Study?

An adoption home study helps ensure you are fully prepared to provide a nurturing home for a child. The home study process includes interviews with a social worker, training and collection of documents. Your home study documents can be quickly and securely submitted through our online portal. Our home study process allows us to spend more time supporting you to ensure that you are prepared for the journey of growing your family through adoption.

How Long Does a Home Study Take?

A typical home study takes about 90 days to complete once all required documents and clearances have been received via our online system. In some circumstances, your home study can be expedited with prior approval at the time of application.

What information is in included in a home study?

Home study reports contain information about your family background and important relationships, results of criminal and child abuse clearances, medical information, financial stability, parenting experiences and your home and community. Ultimately, the final home study report clearly reflects the stability of your home, your emotional and financial resources, and your readiness for the lifelong journey of adoptive parenting.

How much does a home study cost?

Home studies cost between $1,800 and $3,000. Costs vary depending on the type of adoption your family is pursuing, the state in which you reside and how quickly your final report is needed. Click here for more information about our home study fees.