The Foster Care Adoption Process

The Foster Care Adoption Process

There are several ways to begin the foster care adoption process. A licensed adoption agency or local department of social services can help you get started. Here’s how the foster care adoption process works.

Step 1: Home Study– A home study helps us ensure you’re prepared to parent a child and that your home is safe for a child who has experienced life in foster care. You will submit documents to us for review, and a social worker will visit you to meet your family. This takes about three to four months.

Step 2: Training– Foster care adoptions require you to complete a state-mandated 30-hour training program to prepare you for the challenges of parenting a child who has experienced life in foster care. Trainings are scheduled conveniently throughout the year, and take place in our office locations.

Step 3: Matching– Once you are approved, you will begin the matching process with our team. Using various search tools, we will help identify children waiting for families that meet your family’s unique parenting skill set, and help you to learn more about them during meetings with their caseworkers.

Step 4: Visitation– Once a match is made, visitations will be arranged between you and the child. This will help facilitate a smooth transition between the child’s current living situation and your home. Visits are often arranged in the child’s home and in your own home.

Step 5: Placement– After the child and your family get to know one another and you decide to move forward, and transition and placement plan are made. This is when the child will officially come home with you. Our team offers extra support to your family during this time to ensure your bond is off to a healthy, strong start.

Step 6: Finalization & Support– Once your family has settled into its new relationship, the finalization of your adoption can occur. Adoptions Together believes that all families can thrive with ongoing support and offers a lifetime of services to families so that they can remain healthy and strong.