Adopting from Foster Care

Adopting from Foster Care with Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together helps families living in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia to adopt school-aged children from public foster care systems throughout the United States. Since 2001, we’ve connected hundreds of children with families and continue to support them through expert, adoption-competent family counseling services.

Family Support Throughout the Foster Care Adoption Process

Adoptions Together is different than traditional foster-to-adopt programs because it’s tailored for you. We’re here to ensure that you’re ready to bring your child home. Our state-recognized 30-hour training series helps you prepare to meet the needs of a child who’s experienced life in the foster care system. You’ll become part of a community of parents who are in the process of adopting from foster care and join together with families who’ve been through the process, receiving a sense of support from families like yours. And by providing expert counseling and therapeutic services from adoption-competent, trauma-informed professionals, we’re committed to remaining with your family every step of the way as you reach new milestones with your child over the years. After your adoption home study is approved and you complete your required 30-hour training, our team will guide you through the matching process. Unlike traditional foster-to-adopt programs, the children we work with are considered “legally free” for adoption. This means there is no risk that they will return to their biological relatives during your time working with us.

Post Adoption Support for Foster Care Families

Once a match is made, our teamprovides comprehensive post-placement support to your family to ensure your bond becomes strong and remains healthy. Our team is here to assist you with setting up school supports, medical assistance, potential adoption subsidies, and other special needs that emerge over the course of time. Paramount to our goals is your newly-formed family’s continued strength. As a small, private agency, we are able to assist you with time and attention needed the ensure your child thrives as they grow. To learn more about adopting from foster care with the help of Adoptions Together, contact us today.