AdoptionWorks Fees

Adoption Works Program Fees

(for families seeking to adopt foster children ages 10 and above)

Application Fee (due with application): $550.00
Administrative Fee: $100.00
Training Fee (due with registration): $370.00
Home Study Fee (due with completed home study paperwork): $1150.00
Program Deposit (due with signed contract): $1,800.00
Placement Fee: $7,000.00
Fee for each additional child in a sibling group: $6,000.00

Placement fee is payable as follows:

At the time of placement:  $5,000.00
Prior to finalization of adoption:$2,000.00

Other Possible Fees

AdoptionWorks Subsequent Placement Home Study Fee:

  • Application: $550.00
  • Home Study fee: $700
  • AdoptionWorks Home Study Update Fee: $ 750.00
  • Additional Post Placement after 6 months of Post Placement Supervision: $ 350.00
  • Child Specific Addendum: $ 125.00
  • Program Maintenance Fee: $ 500.00

Note: Many states will pay these fees (called Purchase of Service fees) to Adoptions Together, for their foster children to be placed with Adoption Works families. Visit the North American Council on Adoptable Children for more information.

**All fees are nonrefundable.