Adopt an Older Child



Adoptions Together has two programs that work with parents to facilitate older child adoption.


AdoptionWorks is a placement program that facilitates the adoption of school-aged children and teens who are growing up in the public foster care system throughout the country.

The Family Find Step Down Project

The Family Find Step Down Project project is a free program that works with families who want to adopt school-age children and teens from foster care in Baltimore City. It is a partnership between Adoptions Together, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, the Abell Foundation, the Hirschhorn Foundation, and the T.Rowe Price corporate foundation. Learn More

The Heart Gallery presented by Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together is pleased to present the Heart Gallery.

The Heart Gallery showcases portraits of children in foster care who are waiting to find loving, permanent homes.

The children featured in the gallery are from Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. Since November 2005, over 110 children have been adopted.

Learn more about the Heart Gallery.