Legal Questions About Adoption

Legal Questions About Adoption

Adoption can be a wonderful way to build your family. It is a lifelong experience for adopted children and their families that must be based on secure legal grounds. Philosophically, we approach the legal process of adoption in much the same way that we approach the emotional aspects of adoption. We strive to greatly reduce the adversarial nature that characterizes many legal proceedings and replace it with trust and respect for the feelings, rights and responsibilities of parents who are choosing to place a child for adoption and the parents who are making the lifelong commitment to adopt a child. We reject the idea that adoption is a business deal to be negotiated between two sets of parents. Instead, we believe that adoption is more like a gift to be voluntarily given and received by parents who fully understand their legal rights and responsibilities. At Adoptions Together, we have an in-house legal team that represents the agency in all adoption-related court proceedings. We encourage all birth parents to consult with independent legal counsel and welcome working with counsel representing adoptive parents, as well. Each state has different adoption laws and legal procedures. Below you will find links that will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the legal process adopting a child in Maryland, adopting a child in Virginia, and adopting a child in the District of Columbia.



District of Columbia

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