Adopt an Infant

Adopting an Infant



At Adoptions Together, our aim is to help prospective adoptive parents realize their dream of adopting a newborn. We work with families of all types and accept all children regardless of age, race, disability or medical condition. It is our goal to support both the birth mother and the adoptive parents throughout the entire process with access to education and counseling that focuses on adopting an infant and life after adoption.

Please take a moment to watch our brief online presentation that explains our Domestic Infant Adoption program. Adoptions Together provides counseling and legal services to parents considering adopting an infant, ongoing education surrounding newborn adoption, and training and support services for adoptive parents. Our comprehensive counseling and support services for birth parents continue as long as they are needed.

Adoptions Together offers two services to those interested in adopting an infant:

Domestic Infant Adoption program:

Through our traditional program Adoptions Together counsels over 300 birth parents annually resulting in approximately 30 placements per year. The majority of the children placed for adoption through our program are African American, however we do place some Caucasian and Hispanic infants. Due to the population we serve and the approximately wait times, in this program we are seeking families who are specifically open to adopting African American infants. Children in this program are voluntarily placed for adoptive by their birth parents at birth. Infants are usually thirty days old or younger at the time they are placed with an adoptive family.

Domestic Adoption Networking Program:

This program is designed for families who are seeking to specifically adopt Caucasian or Hispanic newborns. With this program adoptive families complete their home study with Adoptions Together and then assigned a personal case worker who will provide guidance and support in exploring placement options outside of Adoptions Together. This service includes evaluating placement resources, offering feedback on specific matches, and access to other services such as monthly support meetings for waiting adoptive families.

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Parental Requirements for Domestic Infant Adoption

  • Adoptions Together welcomes all families including couples and singles. Click here to find out more about the process for adoptive parents who are single or who are same sex couples
  • If you are interested in adopting an infant, Adoptions Together requires that a single parent must be 50 years or younger at the time of application. If part of a couple, the couple’s combined age should not exceed 100
  • If you are a married or a committed couple, you must be married or partnered for a minimum of one year by the time you apply for a home study. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.
  • Adoptive parents interested in adopting an infant should be healthy physically, psychologically, and emotionally so that you are able to care for a child. Adoptions Together may request an independent medical evaluation during the process.
  • Adoptive parents must be financially able to incur the costs of infant adoption in addition to providing for the basic needs of the child. This includes the adoption fee and medical and legal expenses of the birth parents.

Above all else – we remain advocates for the children involved in the newborn adoption process. Many of us at Adoptions Together are adoptive parents and believe adoption is a wonderful way to build a family.

We invite all interested families to attend one of our regularly scheduled information meetings to learn more about the infant adoption process.