Board of Directors

Adoptions Together/FamilyWorks Together 2017 Board of Directors

Board Chair
Joseph Summerill, Attorney, The Summerill Group, LLC

Vice Chair
Amy Choi, Project Manager, Pricewaterhousecoopers

Jennifer Farland, Consultant, Engage

Ted Hopper, CEO, Greensbury Market

Thomas R. Burton, CIO, Alex Brown Realty
Christopher Coger, Founder & CEO, Politech
Kimberly Day, Founder, Decadent Health
Yvan Franusic, Financial Consultant
Janice Goldwater, Executive Director, Adoptions Together
Salomon Grunhut, CPA, Handwerger, Cardegna, Funkhouser & Lurman
Dawn Musgrave, Associate Director, Adoptions Together
Britton Perry, Sales Consultant
Judy Sebring, Event Coordinator
Susan Short, Vice President, GBS Investments, T. Rowe Price
Janet St. Amand, Senior Vice President, HSBC North America
Monique Samuels, TV Personality/Entrepreneur
Gail Steckler, Director, Washington First Bank