Our Team

Adoptions Together employs a racially and culturally diverse full-time staff of approximately 40 employees and maintains contractual relationships with more than 35 licensed clinical social workers and professional counselors who provide therapy and assessment services throughout the region.

Executive Leadership

Janice Goldwater, MSW, LCSW-Cext: 5125Founder and Executive Director
Dawn Musgrave, Attorney at Lawext: 1123Associate Director and General Counsel
Mary Bergman, MSext: 5128Executive Projects Manager

Domestic Infant Placement Program Staff

Colby Wittenberg, LCSW-Cext: 5117Domestic Infant Program Manager
Delois Pearsall, LGSWext: 5116Counseling Specialist
Ilana Blumsohn, LGSWext: 5104Adoption Social Worker
Meshan Lehmann, LGSWext: 5108Pregnancy Counselor
Paris Terrellext: 5111Domestic Infant Program Coordinator

Older Child Adoption Program Staff

Pam Hoehler, LCSW-Cext: 1117Older Child Adoption Manager
Meredith Andrewsext: 1112Older Child Adoption Specialist

Home Study Program Staff

Anne Pearce, LCSW-Cext: 1116Manager of Home Study Services
Jessica Ostrander, MSWext: 7291Virginia Home Study Manager
Jenna Myersext: 1120MD & DC Home Study Specialist
Lauren Higginbothamext: 1107Home Study Program Support

Family Find Step Down Project Team

Sandy Rappeport, LCSW-C 410-869-0620Family Find Step Down Project Manager
Kim R. Bivens410-869-0620Family Find Permanency Specialist
Lakisha Solomon, MSW410-869-0620Family Find Permanency Specialist
Mardea Zor, MSW410-869-0620Family Find Permanency Specialist
Janet Watkins410-869-0620FFSD Investigator

Development Team

Margo Devine301.439.2900Director of Development
Kristen Furlongext: 5132Community Outreach & Event Specialist
Brittney Booneext: 5119 Executive Projects Specialist

Operations Team

Audra Hurdext: 5136IT & Marketing Manager
Amanda Bacheext: 1111 IT Support & Operations Specialist
Samantha Skrokext: 5106Marketing Specialist
Kathryn M. Cliffext: 5130Finance Manager
Rute Rivasext: 5134Accounting Specialist
Alyssa Hansonext: 1109Training Coordinator
Brandon Drakeext: 5100HR Specialist