Our Team

Adoptions Together employs a racially and culturally diverse full-time staff of approximately 40 employees and maintains contractual relationships with more than 35 licensed clinical social workers and professional counselors who provide therapy and assessment services throughout the region.

Executive Leadership

Janice Goldwater, MSW, LCSW-C Founder and Executive Director
Dawn Musgrave, Attorney at Law Associate Director and Legal Counsel
Mary Bergman, MS Executive Projects Manager

Development Team

Laura Duvelius, MSW Director of Development
Cydne S. Nash MSW, MSEd Grants Manager
Margo Devine Special Events Manager
Liberty Frank Development Coordinator

Placement Services

Colby Stackhouse Domestic Infant Program Manager
Jessica Taylor, MSW LGSW Domestic Adoption Counselor
Emily Creveling Domestic Case Specialist
Jessica Laigle Domestic Outreach Specialist
Kourtney Rich Domestic Infant Program Coordinator
Laura Teetermoran Director of Home Study and Support Services
Jenna Myers Maryland & DC Home Study Specialist
Jessica Ostrander, MSW Manager of VA Home Study and Support Services
Amanda Bache Home Study Coordinator
Pam Hoehler AdoptionWorks Program Manager
Meredith Andrews AdoptionWorks Program Coordinator
Sandy Rappeport, MSW, LCSW-C Program Manager, Family Find Step Down Project
Kim Bivens Permanency Specialist
Lakisha Solomon, MSW Permanency Specialist
Janet Watkins Family Find Specialist
Mardea Zor, MSW Permanency Specialist

Counseling, Training and Community Support

Cynthia Cubbage, MSW LCSW-C Director of Community Partnerships
Alisha Wolf, MSW, MPH Director of Education and Training
Lexi Simons Education and Training Coordinator
Erica Moltz, MA NCC Clinical Director and Counseling Center Services
Carey Tompkins, MSW LICSW Program Manager
Binley Taylor Lead Clinical Specialist
Allie Perez Clinical Program Specialist
Angela White, LGSW Clinical Specialist

Operations Team

Kate Cliff Finance Manager
Rute Rivas-Antunes Finance Coordinator
Audra Hurd IT Manager
Samantha Skrok IT Coordinator
Amanda Bache My Adoption Portal (MAP) Coordinator
Jessie Emmer Human Resources Coordinator