About Us

About Us

Every Child. Every Family. Every Step of the Way.

  • Every Child.

    Since 1990, Adoptions Together has helped more than 10,000 children join permanent loving families.
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    Every child who has come to us has become part of a permanent loving home. Each year, we help more than 150 children join nurturing, stable families. We provide prenatal support and counseling for pregnant women considering adoption services as well as interim care and placement for children in need. Every year, we guide and support 400 women facing unplanned pregnancies to help them make the best decision for their child. We also work with local social services departments to find permanent homes or connections for older children in foster care.
  • Every Family.

    Adoptions Together is committed to building and strengthening secure, loving and successful families.
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    One of the agency’s guiding principles is inclusivity: factors such as race, religion, marital status, wealth or sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression don’t determine what kind of parent someone will be and they are never variables that we consider when finding a home for a child. Through openness, honesty and communication we work with every family to ensure that they receive the education, support and guidance they need through the entire placement process. We understand that no decision in this process is an easy one, and we stand by our commitment to children and their families to help all those involved make the best choice for the child.
  • Every Step of the Way.

    Adoptions Together is far more than just an adoption agency. We are a lifelong resource for families where information, support, and counseling can always be found.
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    Adoptions Together supports children and families formed through adoption, guardianship, foster care, and kinship care with specialized services offered at locations in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Our support remains available to every family for a lifetime of guidance, education, and counseling to ensure that each family stays strong together. With a holistic network of more than three dozen innovative services that build and strengthen families, Adoptions Together is one of the most diverse nonprofit social service agencies serving the Washington/Baltimore area.We also serve as a regional center of knowledge and activity on child welfare issues for a broad spectrum of educational, mental health, and other professionals as well as legislators, public officials, and the general population.


Adoptions Together builds healthy lifelong family connections for every child and advocates for continuous improvement of systems that promote the well being of children.


Every child will have lifelong connections to a caring, nurturing family.

Guiding Principles

Children and Families

    • The welfare of the children who need our help comes first.
    • Children need to maintain connections with their birth families and cultures even when they cannot be safely raised in their birth families.
    • Openness and honesty is healthy for children and families.
    • The ability to be a good parent does not depend upon wealth, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.
    • Education, support, and guidance from qualified professionals before, during and after placement help children and their families succeed.

Lifelong Commitment and Connection

    • Permanency in a healthy family is best for children.
    • Creating, strengthening, and sustaining healthy relationships is essential for achieving permanency.
    • Parents should have the option to choose adoption when they believe it is best for their children.
    • Foster care should be a temporary safe haven for children awaiting permanency.
    • Stays in foster care should be as short as possible.
    • The first foster care placement should be the last foster care placement.

Adoptions Together

    • Commitment to mission and awareness of guiding principles are necessary for every staff member, contractor, and volunteer.
    • Good financial health is required to accomplish our mission.
    • Continuous improvement of programs and services requires knowledgeable, experienced, and creative child welfare professionals and staff.
    • Racial, cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity within our staff and contractors is essential for good decision-making.
    • Direct and honest communication is the best way to prevent and resolve conflict.