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Gay, Lesbian, Same Sex Adoption (LGBT adoption)

Adoptions Together has a proud history of building families with partnered couples. Each year the number of LGBT families working with Adoptions Together continues to grow. Adoptions Together is fully committed to equality in adoption. We have found that to be most effective at achieving equality, partnering with organizations is vitally important. As such, the Executive Director and Founder of Adoptions Together (Janice Goldwater) serves on the advisory board for All Children All Families project of the Human Rights Campaign ( HRC was founded in 1980 with a goal of supporting congressional candidates who align themselves with fairness and equality regarding the LGBT community. Over the last 30 years, HRC has established itself as a powerful force in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights to obtain equality across the U.S. in all matters – particularly adoption. Adoptions Together is proud to work on this critical issue of equality.

Adoptions Together also works closely with the All Children, All Families Initiative and with Rainbow Families of DC to provide workshops and events for the LGBT community, to sponsor social gatherings, and to reach out to LGBT families that need support and  services for same sex adoption.

At Adoptions Together we welcome:
  • Gay parents interested in adoption
  • Lesbian parents interested in adoption
  • Single parent families (both men and women)
  • Bisexual and transgender families interested in adoption

International LGBT Adoption

Due to country restrictions, we are unable to represent LGBT couples in our international program.

Frequently Asked Questions on LGBT Adoption

Is the legal process different for LGBT adoption in the various states where Adoptions Together is licensed?

The laws vary.  Currently, as of 2010, the laws of Virginia, D.C., and Maryland are as follows:

• Washington, D.C. – Single and joint LGBT adoption is permitted. Second-parent adoption is also allowed.
• Maryland – Single LGBT adoption is permitted, no clarification is made on joint adoption. Second-parent adoption is allowed in some areas.
• Virginia – Single LGBT adoption is permitted, and the state does not clearly prohibit joint adoption. No clear information is provided on second-parent adoption.

Prospective adoptive parents interested in LGBT adoption are encouraged to discuss legal matters in more detail, including legal advice and specifics on LGBT adoption with a lawyer or other qualified counsel.

Will I have to wait longer than other prospective parents that want to adopt?
While we can recommend and refer families in the order that they have been waiting, the choice and selection of adoptive parents is left to the birthparents or birthmother of the child.  In the event that the birthparents choose to not participate in the selection process, our agency will place the child based on a number of factors that include the length of time adoptive parents have been waiting and the quality of the match. 

Have other LGBT families had successful adoptions through Adoptions Together?
Absolutely! We have been serving the LGBT community for years and have helped bring together many families. We have had numerous success stories from families and individuals and continue to provide comprehensive services including support, training, and counseling to help families stay strong together.

Does Adoptions Together provide help for raising a child in a LGBT home?
We offer a variety of resources, seminars, and counseling for individuals and families to help them cope with current issues and to prepare them for many common parenting issues that arise. Our counselors and support staff are always available to ensure that your questions are answered and to provide you with the support you need.

An Adoption Story

Our family has experienced two completely different adoption processes with Adoptions Together. While both were unique, one thing remained the same – the wonderful care that Adoptions Together staff showed toward our family.