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sibling groups
Last Post 3/14/2011 02:48 PM by The Adoption Expert. 1 Replies.
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3/12/2011 05:27 PM  
are there two separate fee associated with a sibling group?
The Adoption Expert
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3/14/2011 02:48 PM  
Generally, there are additional fees associated with adopting siblings. In the case of an international adoption, there is an additional foreign fee if siblings are being adopted in order to cover the legal fees and document preparation expenses for each child. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will also charge for a visa for a second child. However, there are no additional fees to the agency or for the home study. If you are considering adopting siblings internationally, it is important to be aware that there are limited options at this point in time, and when siblings are available, they are often older.

The AdoptionWorks program places primarily children ages 9 and up from US foster care. As is the case with an international adoption, there is an additional fee associated with adopting siblings to cover legal, paperwork, and placement supervision fees. There are some states that will pay all, or a portion of this “purchase of service” fee. Adopting parents are responsible for the fee, or any portion of it, if it is not covered by the child’s guardian state. There are many wonderful sibling groups awaiting adoption through US foster care.

The Permanency Opportunities Project (POP) is a free program that works with families who want to adopt school-age children and teens from Washington, DC. It is a partnership between Adoptions Together and the District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency.

For more information about adopting siblings through Adoptions Together, please contact our International Program Director, Irene Jordan (410-402-1107), or the Director of the AdoptionWorks Program, Carol Edelstein (410-402-1117). To learn more about the possibility of adopting siblings through the Permanency Opportunity Project, please contact the Program Director, Tenneh Johnson-Kemah (301-422-5124).
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