We understand how an unplanned pregnancy can turn your world upside down. We will provide comfort, guidance and caring support while you sort through the many choices you face. We can answer your questions about adoption and help you plan for your child’s future. 

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Adoption can be a wonderful way to build a family. It is also a complicated emotional and legal process, with many decisions to make along the way. We will work together to help you make informed choices that are the best for your family. For more information about each of our child placement programs, please click on the links below:

Adopt an Infant in the US      Adopt Internationally      Adopt an Older Child from Foster Care

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Raising healthy children takes a lifelong commitment. Our educational programs for parents and professionals are designed to strengthen the bonds between families and children. To learn more about our broad array of training programs, click on one of the links below:

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Being a good parent is hard work.  Sometimes, a little extra support from an experienced counselor or knowing that other families have faced similar difficulties can make the job easier. For information about our counseling services and peer support programs, click on the links below:


Counseling             Post Permanency Family Center             Parent Mentors

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At Adoptions Together we believe it takes determination, caring action, and persistent optimism to raise healthy children. We welcome every child and every family, offering comfort and guidance through complicated choices. We train professionals to use best practices in working with children and families. We educate the community and rally support for families of every kind. We offer comprehensive, compassionate lifelong services for every child, every family, every step of the way.

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