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Adoption Education and Parent Training  

Talking to Your Child About Adoption 

One of the most difficult, but important aspects of being an adoptive parent is learning how to comfortably discuss adoption issues with your child.  What will your child ask you about adoption?  When can you expect it?  Will you know what to say?  Talking to Your Child about Adoption provides parents with information and techniques for talking with children in a developmentally appropriate manner, and for helping children cope with comments, feelings, and intrusive questions.  Talking with your child about their birth history can be difficult, especially when there are painful or sensitive issues related to their birth family and past.  Talking to Your Child about Adoption will explore ways to discuss difficult birth family histories marked by mental illness, substance abuse, criminal behavior, physical or sexual abuse, or abandonment and neglect.  Parents will learn when to share information, how much information to share, and how to convey the details in a way that is supportive and developmentally appropriate.  

Please contact Alisha Wolf at (410) 402-1121 or for more information.  We hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 22, 2014, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
4061 Powder Mill Road, Suite 320
Calverton, MD 20705
Fee: $30/individual $50/couple  

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Affordable, Convenient, and Easily Accessible Parent Training and Adoption Education

At Adoptions Together, we understand that families have many competing demands, and it is not always practical or feasible to attend a seminar in a classroom setting. In order to be useful and effective, parents must be able to access information and support when they need it most. We strive to make parent training affordable, convenient, and easily accessible by offering in person, online, and on-demand options for parent training and adoption education.

Parent Training in the Classroom

While many seminars can be taught online, we recognize that some families prefer the opportunity to interact face to face, and there is some subject matter that can be better addressed in person. Adoptions Together offers many in-person seminars throughout the year that provide a solid foundation and introduction to issues related to international and domestic adoption. These parent training courses are typically held in our Virginia and Maryland offices and are continuously listed on our Events Calendar.

Parent Training On Demand Webinars

For those who are unable to attend in-person classes, Adoptions Together offers a comprehensive resource library of on-demand webinars that parents can access at any time, from any location.  This library allows busy parents to enhance their knowledge and complete training requirements at their convenience. Click here for a complete list of webinars.