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By Adoptions Together on 4/18/2014 7:00 PM
Janice Goldwater, LCSW-C Founder and Executive Director Adoptions Together For years, many professionals and parents believed that without facial features or a lower IQ, the impact of prenatal alcohol exposure was not severe.  Some thought that bright-eyed kids who exhibited highly impulsive and very challenging behaviors just needed more intensive and creative interventions from their stable loving parents.  Yet their parents were pulling their hair out with frustration!   We thought there was little that could not be understood within the parameters of early adversity, attachment, trauma and temperament.  We asked ourselves why some children responded so well to treatment, to the stability and attunement their parents provided, while others’ behavior and ability to function just seemed to get worse with each passing year.   Why were some children so able to function well one moment and be so out-of-control the next?  How can they struggle so much with cause and effect thinking and make the same poor...